Kerf Wall

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"What's it made out of?"
All of our products are built with Europly, a birch veneer core plywood with a maple face.  Colored laminates are occasionally used to accent specific areas. 

"Is it Green?"
The materials we use are safe for the environment and your health. Kerf is committed to environmental responsibility through the use of sustainable materials and methods.

1. We only use FSC certified plywood made with a formaldehyde free glue.
2. Our plywood is finished using a UV curing process that eliminates all volitile organic compounds (VOCs).
3. Most importantly, our products are designed to last a lifetime.

"I want to install my Kerf Wall between two walls, but full panels wont fit! What do I do?"
In this kind of situation, you'll need to order enough panels to cover the desired width and then trim off the excess to fit your space. If you tell us the the width of your space, we can cut down the panels before we ship them to you.

Let's say your wall is 120" wide. Each of our panels is 47-3/4" wide so you'll need to buy three panels to cover the entire space. When you check out, you'll tell us that your wall is 120" wide, and we will simply trim the excess (shown in red) and add a 1/2" of wiggle room on each side. We'll email you to double check the measurements.

"How much can it hold?"

A single shelf can easily support 100 lbs., and a 4' section of wall panel can hold at least 300 lbs. At least that's as much as we've loaded on to it so far:

Of course, the specific circumstances of each installation will affect the overall capacity of the wall panels, but they are pretty sturdy.

"How far does it sit off of the wall?"

The metal strut is 1-5/8" thick and the plywood panel is 1/2" thick, so the face of the wall panel sits 2-1/8" from the wall.