Kerf Wall

How to install:

Installing Kerf Wall is simple. First, metal struts are fastened to your wall with lag bolts, then the panels are hung on the struts.

If you're confident with a stud finder, drill, and level, you can install Kerf Wall by yourself. If you're not so handy, hire a contractor or bribe a skilled friend to do the installation for you.

Installation Instructions PDF

Here's a video:


We will provide the hardware for you, but you'll need your own power drill and level:


This shows the supporting struts and one wall panel installed.

Here is a metal strut properly attached to the wall. The lag bolt is in a stud, nice and secure.

Each Kerf Wall panel comes with screws and square nuts. The square nuts slide into the metal strut keeping the panels secure on the wall. This photo shows a cross section of the hardware in action: